Struggling learners need explicit, direct and systematic instruction through every step on their journey in order to achieve full functionality in literacy.

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Multi-Sensory Methods
  • Reading
  • The Meaning-Syntax-Visual Cueing System
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension

We provide personal, private 'intensive intervention' style instruction for young struggling students in Naples, Florida. Services begin with an extensive assessment performed by Ms. Finch, who spent a year of post-graduate studies and internship in Orton-Gillingham and another year of studies and internship for certification in Reading Recovery.  Ms. Finch has served as a literacy expert at the local, California state and federal level.This a truly expert level assessment of all of your child's literacy skills. Then, each lesson is custom designed to meet the individual child's needs. Every lesson is individual; your child and one trained literacy mentor. Each of our mentors have been through extensive training with Ms. Finch and our team continues ongoing training plus student-study team meetings every week. Why would you spend your money on tutors who do not have the expertise to make a fast, powerful difference? Make good use of your time and money. Get the expertise that your child needs. If you believe your child needs help, don't listen to those who will excuse the situation by telling you that he is 'just young or immature' or that it 'will work itself out'. You know when your child needs help. Listen to your own parental instincts. You are almost certainly correct. At the very least, schedule an assessment with us to find out what is happening with your child's literacy skills! We will show our assessments to you and explain what they mean in clear language that you will understand. And, we provide a short conference with parents after every lesson, informing you of what is being taught and exactly what your child's progress is. Contact us to schedule a personal reading assessment for your child today! Just real, expert, professional help.                                        (239)233-9400     

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