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Orton-Gillingham and Reading Recovery plus Multi-Sensory Methods Combine to Bring FAST Success, Even When Other Methods Have Failed.

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We used Reading Rescue services for our son who struggled to grasp the basic concepts of reading, including letter recognition, and sounds in Kindergarten and 1st grade. We had used tutors through his school for nearly his entire 2 years (including summer!) without making any headway. It got to the point that his school began implementing ESE interventions and returned him down to kindergarten again.

After meeting with Diana, I knew that she had the knowledge and the compassion to help him learn.  Sitting with her and discussing the program, I was immediately impressed with her teaching program. Diana is detailed and organized with tracking progress. She tailored a personal lesson plan, binder and charting guides. And, she had an individualized approach for him after her initial assessment. Never had any tutor (or educator) put this much effort into our son before. 

Making the commitment to this program was by far the best investment in time and money I could have made for my son and his academic success. 

Diana became a partner in his education, and she communicated with us after each session about little things he had learned or techniques we could use at home. Experiencing his progress with reading at home was miraculous. It was like she reached in and found the little switch that turned it on for him and he just "got it". 

He enjoyed when she challenged him because of the rewards system, which kept him engaged throughout the entire program. 

Reading is so important and, before Reading Rescue, he was beginning to lose his confidence. As a result of this program he has completely changed.

At the start of the school year the ESE coordinator reached out to me, SHOCKED by my son's turn-around when he returned. They could not believe the progress he made in just a few months.

As a result, the school removed him from the ESE intervention program.

I was happy to read on his most recent report card that he is now one of the strongest readers in his group! He is very confident in his reading ability and actively participates. His word mastery and fluency is amazing for his age. I praise Diana and her program to every parent I speak with and I highly recommend her services. For us, it has been a total game-changer! 

It was worth every penny and I would do it again without hesitation! 

Hillary Miles


*****************************************************************************************************************************************FROM JENNI,

Reading Rescue has, for sure, been the best decision I have ever made for my kids. 

Being the mother of three and seeing my oldest two struggling with reading, even in the most prestigious private school in Naples, was very stressful for me. 

My daughter was 4 years old when her school had her diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia. Then, at a cost of more than $20,000 we had her tested by a private neuropsychologist, put her through two rounds of sessions at Brain Balance and paid teachers at her school to tutor her after school hours. After two years of these interventions, she was still struggling and failing. Her school strongly recommended her for retention at the end of 1st grade. 

At the same time, the school was recommending my son be retained in pre-K.

Thankfully, that's when I found Reading Rescue. On the recommendation of a friend, I contacted Diana Myers-Finch and she met with the school and with the prominent neuropsychologist who had recommended their retention. She advocated for their promotion based upon the fact that I had agreed to retain her for the year to work with my kids. She had long-term proven success with kids like mine. So, they agreed not to retain them. 

Ms. Myers-Finch did an incredible job with my kids. 

My daughter struggled greatly with hearing sounds in words and with corresponding those sounds with written letters. My son struggled to focus on any reading/ writing skills in an environment of distractions (the normal classroom). My daughter is more Dyslexia-ish and my son is more ADD-ish. 

Though they were very different learners with very different needs, they both needed expert help to overcome their challenges.

It was clear to me, from our first meeting, that  Diana knew exactly what to do for them, according to their individual needs.

Diana's instruction has touched them both with the ability to become much stronger readers; which has built their self-confidence and improved their social skills and emotional well-being tremendously. 

My daughter would always shut down in class. She wasn't confident in herself. Diana helped her confront all of her fears and comforted her as she shed many painful tears, healing from years of academic failure in the classroom. As my daughter met with consistent success with Diana, she realized that she WAS ABLE. 

Diana is like an angel that God sent to us to help with both of our children.​

We used Reading Rescue for a year full / part time and have continued to have occasional support sessions for another year. We can see all of Diana's hard work pay off for our kids academically, emotionally and socially.

Nothing can describe the joy I feel when I look at my children and see how far they've come. I am so proud of them both. None of it would have happenened without Diana'a expert intervention. 

They are both functioning normally at grade level in the classroom now and, due to Diana's brave advocacy with the school and other professionals, both of my kids avoided having to be retained in the meantime!

Diana is very professional and dedicated to her work. My children love her and praise her every day. We couldn't do without her.

I couldn't be more pleased with her outstanding work. 

I highly recommend her to anyone who has a child who is struggling in reading. 

She is great!

Words cannot describe her passion, skill and talent when it comes to helping children who struggle with reading!





My 7 year old daughter was quite nervous to start a new reading program. Once she met Ms. Finch, she was quite relieved and happy.  Ms. Finch is an amazing reading specialist. She is a friendly, professional and patient teacher who is very knowledgeable. My daughter began her lessons in November 2016 and has already learned quite a lot from Ms. Finch. It is amazing to see how much she has absorbed from her in such a short period of time. She really looks forward to all her lessons!


December 15, 2016



My son, Mason, was behind in reading to the point that the school was considering retaining him in the first grade. Mason was being tutored by a teacher in the school but was not making any gains. Another mom referred me to Ms. Finch at Reading Rescue after having success with her son. 

We began working with Ms. Finch at the end of July 2016. Now, six months later, we have made great progress!

Mason works with Ms. Finch twice per week and always looks forward to seeing her. Ms. Finch works very well with Mason and his difficulty with focus. She is very patient and honestly loves what she does. 

Mason has moved up a grade level in his reading skills and continues to improve each week. 

Now Mason really loves to read and always has a book with him.

I would highly recommend Reading Rescue to any struggling reader.


Michelle Wills




​My son has struggled with reading since kindergarten. I wanted to hold him back, but was advised not to. He started first grade and continued to struggle. He was attending a school that went through many changes which caused him to fall farther behind.

He started second grade and would cry when it was time to do homework.

He couldn't do math because it was word problems. He couldn't do spelling words because they were too difficult. He couldn't even read simple directions.

I met with the teacher and counselor and decided that we needed to go back to first grade. 

He was doing okay but was still struggling. I decided to hire a tutor through the school. We did that for the second half of the year and still didn't notice improvement. Homework was still a struggle with lots of tears. I was very frustrated and thought it was best to seek help from a private professional. 

That is when we discovered Diana. And, what a difference it has made! He does lessons with her 2 times per week and is learning very fast!

I was very apprehensive because of the location (downtown Naples is 45 minutes from us) and the time commitment. But, I really didn't have any other options if I wanted my son to succeed. 

It was a great decision.

Reading is so important to every aspect of life.





In life, you get what you pay for!

Reading rescue is professionalism at its highest level!

No waste of time!

Diana's first step was to thoroughly evaluate our son's current level of reading skills and knowledge of English (Our first language is Polish and our second language is English). 

She did found his exact problems and shortcomings immediately.

Than, she developed a program designated just for his needs. She focused on (making) his weak points stronger. 

Since then, our son shows progress every week. 

Very happy parents!

Darius and Magda 

​February 2017



Reading Rescue really helped my seven-year-old son learn to read. Though he passed the first grade, he really didn't grasp the pronunciation and letter sounds, especially the vowels. So, he had difficulty with reading and didn't want to read. 

We saw Diana four days per week for five months and she really helped my son. His understanding of how words work (phonics) improved greatly within weeks and he really wanted to read!

Reading Rescue helped my son catch up with his second-grade peers and be able to work on grade level. 

I would recommend Reading Rescue to anyone whose child needs help with reading.

Valerie Porto-Bothe

January 2017



My name is Martha and I learned about Reading Rescue through the Naples Daily News article published March 23, 2016. I knew immediately that this was the program I had been looking for! My 9 year old son had been struggling with reading and reading comprehension since kindergarten. 

I met with Ms. Diana Finch, proprietor of Reading Rescue. She did a thorough assessment of my son's reading, writing and phonics skills and she immediately knew what to do and how to deliver instruction based upon his needs and challenges. Ms. Finch uses diverse methods of teaching that have helped him understand and practice core concepts and skills to mastery and automaticity. 

After three months of working with her, my son is showing substantial progress. And, best of all...the progress is consistent!

I cannot thank Ms. Finch enough for her help with my son. I am excited to recommend her to other parents with kids who experience reading difficulties. She is very professional and kind.

Thanks a million Ms. Finch!